Curative characteristics of the Marasca cherry

What is so special about the Marasca cherry?
The Marasca cherry has been known for a long time for its antioxidant activity and for being a medical-like food.

The Marasca cherry is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and many other minerals and vitamins and hence has not only nutritive but also medical-like properties.

The fruit contains at least 25% of dry mass and 1.3% acid. The energy value of the fruit is low and, therefore, it is counted among dietary foods (100 gr. of pulp contains about 300 kilojoule).

The utility value consists of the fruit, the pulp and the cherry stone as well as the stalks. The fruits can be used in fresh or finalized state.

In traditional medicine the stalks are used to brew up curative teas which have diuretic effects.

Nutritionists do not only recommend to diabetics but also to healthy people to drink for example the healing Marasca teas and natural cherry juices.
The positive effects of the Marasca fruit and its favourable impact on the human body also makes it ideal for people suffering from any form of anaemia.

Among other things the sirup is recommend as natural remedy.

Considering the negative trend in which excessive and non-quality diet dominates and negatively affects the health of the population, the introduction of the Marasca cherry into diet could play a significant role regaining natural balance in organism.