Why the hinterland of Omiš?

The region of Šestanovac with more than 2.500 hours of sunshine per year is one of the very few existing locations for proper cultivation of the marasca cherry. Long-term scientific studies and research, experience and soil analysis serve to verify the above.

To give you a better sense of orientation: Šestanovac is located in the middle of the triangle Omiš – Sinj – Imotski. It is 40 km away from Split, 15 km from the Adriatic Sea and 8 km beeline. The Biokovo – Mountain and its nature park borders southeast with the Municipality of Šestanovac.

Furthermore, the emotional aspect plays an important role in all this. My colleagues and I actually come from this area, precisely from there where the Terra Marascae-project is home.

And here is exactly the place we would like to make a difference and realize our vision. In these times of globalization, it is all the more important to preserve and maintain traditions and heritage as well as natural wealth and biological diversity. This is not only our responsibility but also our duty towards the international community which is defined through many conventions and treaties which have also been signed and implemented by the Republic of Croatia.