Harvest quantity

We already expect a small revenue in summer 2011, as the first planted 20,000 trees will be three years old and will bear fruits of 0,5 kg per tree.
We already look forward to our first, common harvest.

Between the age of 5-7 years each tree produces approx. 11 kg of cherries.

The full harvest of a tree is between 8 – 23 years, when each tree gives approx. 33 kg.

From 24-27 years a decrease in production of cherries is to be expected.

At this age the trees will give an average of 18 kg of fruit.

During its lifetime each tree gives about 25 kg of cherries on average per year.

The 28th birthday of each tree can also been seen as ist “rebirth” because cherry wood is considered exclusive material and very much in demand by both furniture and automotive industry.

By the way, independent of our own harvest quantity we can count on several hundreds of tons of Marasca from our local partners, if necessary.