Terms and conditions

Minimum investment amount: 1.000 Euro.

Note: 1 tree equals the symbolic value of 100 Euro.
1,000 Euro = 10 trees, 1,100 Euro = 11 trees,
5,000 Euro = 50 trees, 10,000 Euro = 100 trees, etc.

Maximum duration: 10 years

Interest: 5% p.a.
If the investor wishes, the interest can be compensated in products instead of money.
The final products will be personalised and marked as “Special Edition, Name of Investor“.

Additional share in profit: 30% of the annual profits after tax and interest paid. (According to the proportion of your investment level)

Please refer to the loan agreement for more details.

While the international financial market is not overly attractive in the offered financial products and still remains very risky, we offer you an alternative in tangible assets and palpable products with attractive interest and dividends.